For home buyers:

The first step in the home buying process is to meet with us so that we can determine your buying criteria and get you started in the right direction. Once we have a chance to meet with you and determine your goals, we can get you plugged in with the right lender to obtain the right kind of loan, so you can begin your home buying process.
Absolutely! Understanding the requirements for your down payment, what loan types you are eligible for, and what you can expect to pay in closing costs are all extremely important in helping you understand where you are and where you need to be when placing an offer on a property. If you’re not ready, your lender can help explain the steps you need to take to get ready.
The better your credit score, the more options you have. Some lenders can qualify you with a 600 credit score but most loan programs require a minimum credit score of 620.
The home buying process, with most home loans, will allow you to close in 45 days.
You control what you spend on a home. Lenders will help you understand what you can afford based on your credit, your financial strength and the amount you have available for a down payment and closing costs.

How much do I need to a down payment?

Plan on needing about 3.5% down. Some loan programs will allow you to eliminate this down payment requirement but eligibility requirements will apply.
If you’re planning to move, it’s best to focus on listing and selling your home before looking at homes and try to lock down the home you want to move into. Ask us more about this during your initial consultation.
In the age of the internet, most buyers will look at homes online and only schedule showings for their top 3-5 homes. This is an incredibly efficient process that allows you to eliminate homes that won’t work for you while shopping online. You can then tour the best of the best homes and pick your favorite. Homebuyers will typically look at hundreds of homes online but will usually look at 6-10 homes before making an offer.
Do not call the agent that has the sign in the driveway. Work with the the agent that you trust and is exclusively representing you during the buying process. We do our job by sending you the best homes that meet your criteria so you don’t have to. We streamline the process by getting questions answered for you that help you understand the details of the homes your interested in. Let us do the work and take you to the homes that will work for you.
The seller is responsible for most of the costs during the buying process. The commission that is paid to us as your buyers agent is also paid by the seller so you get an experienced service representative to take you through the whole process for free. The costs you as the buyer will pay will come from your lender, so once you have obtained pre-approval you will know exactly what you need to pay when its time for closing.
Many factors will determine what is a sensible offer to make on a listing property. Let us guide you through this process. We will analyze the home based on current market data, time the home has been on the market, and the # of homes that are similar.
It is an absolute must to have a home inspection as part of your purchase process. It will cost you 400-600 dollars depending on the property. This gives you the protection to know that you’re buying a good home and the home inspection process tells you a lot about the home your buying.
After you have secured a contract on a home, the hard part is over. We will guide you through the closing process until we have reached our closing date. Your responsibilities are to continue saving your money for your move in. You will have to obtain homeowners insurance and make your preparations for moving.

For home sellers:

Before trying to prepare your home for sale, schedule an appointment so that we can tour your home and help you create your action plan for getting it ready to sell. Its ok if you know its not quite ready. We can offer guidance on things to do or not do, and offer assistance or the help of a reputable contractor so you can start getting it ready.
The biggest challenge homesellers face when selling a home is an experts opinon on value, how to stage and preparing your home for sale. While both of these are important, the biggest challenge homesellers face is dedicating the time to accomplish all that is needed to be successful in selling your home.